Arthur Tress: Large Prints

Artist Statement
When I was living in New York, from 1960s - 1990s, I had my darkroom set up in the converted bathroom of my apartment where I made my own prints.

In those days, it was impossible both financially and logistically for me to make bigger prints - though I fantasized about doing so, feeling that some of my work would "live" better, communicate more clearly, and have greater impact in a larger format.  This feeling came partly from my early training in basic graphic design, where I composed and arranged my images almost like posters. 

Only recently, with the placement of my archive at Stanford University, and the freedom to use the absolute best master printer available to make large archival gelatin silver prints, did I decide to carefully select a few negatives from which to make substantially larger prints.

Because these particular images are so special to me, I wanted the editions to be small, so as to emphasize their unique character.

Working in close collaboration with the printer and seeing the stunning results, the amazing quality and visual impact, I am so excited that I will now be able to do this selectively and carefully with other images.

  -- Arthur Tress, January 2019


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