Morehouse Gallery

Juan Escutia 14

San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

phone +1 617 734 6100





I am not conveniently located, it's true.  But I like the people and climate in Mexico.


Please let me know if you find yourself in San Miguel de Allende - I would be happy to talk photos with you.   My interest is early to mid-20th century, mostly American, tending toward social documentary.


Inventory is mostly stored in the US for ease of shipping.  I travel frequently (mainly New York, Boston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, London, Paris) and can make house calls.  I also do a couple of trade shows per year.


It matters crucially how fine the artwork is: how good the print is, how it is presented, and its state of preservation.  Some of this can be conveyed in jpgs and words.  But there is no substitute for first-hand seeing.


Prices are published for most items under $25,000.  Discounts are common.  Or please make an offer.


Shipping is via Fedex in a secure package.  It is your absolute right to return an artwork within a week or two if it does not meet expectations.


Please do not hesitate to start a conversation, there is no shopping cart technology for this.


- Richard Morehouse